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If you are a member, a supporter or just a person who  loves great designs

at amazing prices you have come to the right place.  

Our Leather & Lace MC in house design team rocks 

Brand: In the Wind Model: Big LFFL - Lace Forever, Forever Lace
BE Bold.  BE Proud. Lettering in neon pink is hard to miss! Includes Lace Forever, Forever Lace! What a great gift!  Just click on "add gift wrapping for this order" when you checkout and we will do the rest so that you can get back in the wind.Full patched members of Leather &am..
Brand: In the Wind Model: Good Angel Bad Angel
Today I am ?????  This is a fun design with glow in the dark Angels sitting on top the word SISTERHOOD in neon pink.  You can pick which angel you want to be for the day.At night both angels show up. You can send this item as a gift, look for the gift option at check out. We do a..
Brand: In the Wind Model: Powerhouse 12 Shirt
We are Powerhouse 12!  When people see this design and ask,  'What is Powerhouse 12?"The answer would be "Leather & Lace MC." Design is on a black soft-style t-shirt with neon pink lettering...For full patched members of Leather & Lace MC, you may add Angels ..
Brand: In the Wind Model: Sisterhood Word Shirt
Acrostic poem of Sisterhood.  The word “Sisterhood” designed is vertically screen printed on a black soft-style Gildan t shirt. Reflects the values of our sisterhood.Strength - Family -  Leadership -  Unity -  Empowerment -  Real -  Leather & Lace MC -&nbs..
Brand: In the Wind Model: Support Your Local Flame Sleeve Swoop Bike 2
Support your MC.  Short sleeve Support Your Local Leather & Lace MC features cool screen printed flamed sleeves and a tribal bike and lettering in diamond plate lettering. Show the world who you support - or send to a friend so they can. You can send this item as a gift..
Brand: In the Wind Model: 12 Tribal Shirt
Have a Heart.  This design was created by our in-house team and features a tribal heart with 12 in the center with a sleeve print of a motorcycle!"Need a stand-out gift? This design is perfect and it can be worn by anyone. We wrap and ship for you so you have more riding time Just click o..
Brand: In the Wind Model: Flaming #fierce12 Shirt
"#Fierce 12" says it all!  Get ready to ROCK this black soft-style T-shirt with Flaming chopper and lettering #fierce 12 in  pink neon. Don't forget - You can send this shirt as a gift! Just click on gift during your checkout.   We wrap and ship for you.For full-patche..
Brand: In the Wind Model: All Roads Lead Home Shirt
Hwy "12" leads us Home. Design in on a short sleeve black softstyle Gildan t-shirt. This is one of our favorite designs – because it reminds us we carry our "HOME" in spirit wherever we go.We can wrap it up and ship it to your Sister, friend, your mom, look for the "gift" when you check..
Brand: In the Wind Model: LFFL Shirt
LFFL!  LFFL means Lace Forever, Forever Lace. Really says it all! The lettering on this shirt is very different.  The neon pink letters on the black t-shirt really pop.Order one for a member of your crew.  To send as a gift, select gift at checkout.  We will wrap and ship...
Brand: In the Wind Model: Thin Pink Line Shirt
The Bond.  This design is a very special one.Black background with horizontal pink line through the middle signifies Unity in the Sisterhood of motorcycling. The black color symbolizes our inner strength and pink our femininity.The thin pink line represents a bond so st..
Brand: In the Wind Model: Known Associate Shirt
Associate with the BEST! The neon pink on this black t-shirt will let the world know who you know.... The statement is bold and shows them that you support a woman's motorcycle club.This shirt makes a great gift for yourself or for anyone you know.You can send this item as a gift, jus..
Brand: In the Wind Model: Support Your Local LLMC Brick Wall Shirt
Writing on the Wall.  It's all very clear, the web's - the LFFL - Kickin'It  All this tells you Leather & Lace rocks it!  This is a great design - one of our top sellers.The idea for this shirt comes from a wall sisters helped dress up. Screen printed on a black t-s..
Brand: In the Wind Model: Support Your Local 12
   “12”!  L is the 12th letter in the alphabet  so 12 ='s Leather & Lace MCIt's a clean simple design that says what it needs to. It's a must have for supports and members.   We gift wrap and ship. Select gift when you check out.For full patched mem..
Brand: In the Wind Model: #fierce12
Show the world you ARE FIERCE!  Short sleeve black softstyle gildan T shirtNeon pink silhouette of woman standing behind her chopper, With #Fierce 12 above the chopper can't get better than this. You can ship as a gift.  We will wrap for you.  Select gift opti..
Brand: In the Wind Model: Big LFFL Shirt
BE Bold.  BE Proud.  Lettering in neon pink is hard to miss! When they ask what LFFL is, you can simply say “Lace Forever, Forever Lace”.   What a great gift!  Just click on "gift" when you check out.  We will wrap and ship for you.Full patched members of Lea..
Brand: In the Wind Model: Support Your Local Leather & Lace MC Shirt
Show your Support.  The Bike looks amazing and so do the letters. This design let's everyone know you don't support an ordinary woman's motorcycle club. You support Leather & Lace MC.Design is on a Black soft-style black T-shirt with Diamond plate chrome Lettering. Y..
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