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Secret Sister Program

Secret Sister Program
Secret Sister Program

Stealth 101. 

 Like keeping your secret sis in the dark?

Step 1- Hack into her Alexa account see what she wants.

Step 2 -  Get stock in UPS.

Step 3 - Suck up to other sisters so they will resend your stuff....

or Just let the Lace Sales staff handle it... it's what we do. We have her wish list, we know the guys at UPS and we know who to suck up too. 

Just pick your price starting at $10.

Want to add more funds cool,  We can send a gift or cards monthly, quarterly, whatever works for you. 

We can do it all.  Just tell us in the "Notes" field how often to ship.  Easy right, We have the gift  wrap thing down and we do the shipping.

Makes it even harder for them to figure out who you are!!

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